I don't think I showed you a shower gel last month and now you have two :P One is the sunlight one which I absolutely adore (the smell reminds me of summer) and the other one is the Bourjois one which I showed you a while back. Yes I went ahead and bought a second bottle :P In the middle is a Alverde body lotion. The smell was okay but I wouldn't repurchase it.

Shampoo & conditioner by L'Oreal - you'll get my review soon on this blog. It's the "triple resist" line and I enjoyed it. Made my hair feel nice and soft! Might repurchase it :) And another deodorant by Rexona. You don't know how happy I am to get rid of my spray ones. I can't stand them anymore.

Nivea clear up strips. You know the deal: one for your nose and the other one for chin and forehead. Love them and will always repurchase. In the middle is a travel size shower gel by Nivea as well. It was a "one use only" and the smell was okay.

I used up a foam mask by Merz. It was okay - the smell was nice but I had no idea how to work with it. Next to it are some Diadermine make up remover wipes. Only one pack left and I am happy when they're gone. Last but not least a deluxe perfume sample from "Angel" by Thierry Mugler. It smelled better than the Alien one but I still won't purchase the full size. 

I used up this "In Shower Bodylotion" by Nivea. It was okay but I feel like you need waaaaay too much of it to get a good result. Next to it are some plain simple cotton pads :) And a turquoise liner by Essence. Really enjoyed that one and I might repurchase it :)

On top is the last body lotion from my trio by Alverde. This one was nice and smelled like chocolate and cranberries :) Next we have my beloved Stay Matte powder by Rimmel - will always repurchase :) Last but not least another shower gel. Sunlight which smells like blueberries. Yummy.

It wouldn't be a real empties post without some deodorant. This one is by Sanex and was okay :) I suffer from hay fever and had to rinse my nose with this nasal salt. Liked it and could finally breathe again :D And last but not least some shaving gel. :)

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