Hey Lovelies!
I just got an e-mail by essence telling me they come out with a TON of new polishes. Of course I had to take a look at them and here they are:

bubble gum | give me nude, baby | our sweetest day | sweet as candy | space queen.

party queen | whatever! | #lucky | true love | 4 ever young

mandarine bay | forgive me | do you speak love? | hey, love! | fame fatal.

juicy love | don't care | indigo to go | beautiful lies | a whisper of spring 

i love my blue jeans | wonderfuel | indian summer | prince charming | brazil jungle 

don't be shy! | hello sunshine | #paradise | let's get lost | electriiiiiic

discreet agent | wild white days | candy love | engaged | dare it nude

serendipity | love is in the air | blue bubble di blue | play with mint | kiss me, freddy.

absolute nude | girl's best friend | on air! | yummiiii! | black is back | frozen kiss.

As you can see there are a lot of different colors. Some matt ones, some with glitter and it's an overall nice new collection. I will definitely buy some :)

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  1. Love these colors! I'll have to check this out!