Hey Lovelies!
Artdeco just send me an e-mail telling me they're going to update their nail polish collection. I think I actually screamed, but take a look yourself:

First of we have a 2 in 1 polish which is a base and top coat combined! These come in very handy!

orchid white | baby boom | watermelon | on fire | catching fire

provence blue | blossom time | rosarium | english style | porcelain rose

field rose | pebble-grey | mousse-grey | white-grey | graphite grey

acid green | royal blue | silver painted | quartz-grey | english lady

pearl of beauty | wintertime | premium pink | orange soda | venetian red

flirtation | fairy godmother | lily royal | prom queen | disco queen

pompadour | lavender honey | sleep well | cliff diving | cactus

As you can see there a a TON on new polishes. I am so excited for it - especially for the nude ones! <3

They will have some new top coats as well: one that turns your polish into a "gel-looking" one. A matte one which gives you a nice matte finish and an "ultra quick dry top coat" which is supposed to make your polish dry quicker than usual :)

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