I used up this shampoo & conditioner by Frizz Ease. This is the "Flawlessy Straight" line and it worked good. My hair was straight, felt good and smelled nice. The only con is that it made my scalp hurt. So I probably won't repurchase it.

I think I found my hol grail in this one: 3 minute Miracle reconstructor by Aussie. It smells amazing and made my hair soooo soft! I already repurchased it. Next to it is a labello chapstick in "pink rosé". I don't like tinted lip balms but I still have 2 left :( On the right we have a shower gel from my local supermarket. Smells like blueberries and you know how much I love that ;)

I got these two samples by Biotherm when I bought some new perfume. One is a gel and the other one is a night cream. The smell was horrible and I didn't really see a difference :( The perfume sample is "ange ou demon le secret" by Givenchy. It smelled fruity which I normally like but I won't purchase the full size. On top is a normal nail polish remover. Had this forever and I already have a back up. And another shower gel that smells like peaches :) It's from Le Petit Marseillais and I adore it :)

I know I never showed razors but I figured given the fact I do spend money on them and it's related to beauty, why not ;) It's one for men by Gilette but to be honest I don't really care about it. Next to it is a Listerine mouth wash for sensitive teeth. It did a nice job and didn't hurt me. And I figured I could give fake nails a go. They lastet 4 days until the first one started to come off :(

Some hair care stuff over here ;) I used up this huge can of hair spray by L'Oreal. To be honest I had it for about 5 years or something. AND I still have a back up. Ugh. The got2b oil I got last year. I think it was summer but I don't really remember. Anyway, I liked it and it made my hair look soft and shiny (and I had to split ends thanks to this!). Next to it is a shower gel by Eco Balance. It was the "warm vanilla" scent and was okay. I'm not a big fan of vanilla unfortunately :( What would a empties would be without cotton pads? Well yeah I used another pack up :)

Another perfume sample yay! This is Reve by Van Cleef & Arpels. It smelled nice but I won't purchase the full size. Next to it is a black liner by Essence. Love it and already have like 4 back ups or something - oops. Oh and last but not least one of my holy grail products. It's a "headache roll-on". Do you know those Tiger Balms or Icey Hot stuff? Well it's basically the same thing such in a roll-on bottle! Will always repurchase it :)

Some Nivea nose strips :D You know the deal :) Next to it is some nasal salt (like last month) since my hay fever has become worse :( But I love it and it cleans my nose :) Above is (hallelujah!) my last pack of Diadermine make up remover wipes. They were horrible. They didn't take off my make up and the smell wasn't nice either. On the far right is a product I absolutely love though: some Nuxe oil! Smells amazing and keeps my skin soft :) Will do a review on this soon :)

I used up my Chloe "Love Story" perfume. I got this awhile back (even though I just now see commercials of it being promoted??) and it smelled amazing. I actually had people asking me what perfume I used - for the first time ever. Next to it is a Nivea make up remover. Loved it and might purchase it again. On the right is a Felce Azzurra shower gel. The thing with this is that I adore the smell at first and use it on a daily basis THEN I can't stand it anymore and stop using it. While there's only like 2 uses left. Weird.

I used up a dry shampoo by Sôi! I love it! It worked amazing on my hair and I will definitely repurchase it :) Next to it is another razor. Technically for men but who cares :) And another shower gel by Sunlight. You all know how much I love this one and I still have backups :)

Yay for another shaving gel! (It wouldn't be a real empties posts without this!) As I already stated a bazillion times: I will always repurchase :) Next to it are some baby wipes. I use them for everything: cleaning, cleaning my brushes, taking off my make up etc. Will always repurchase as well :) And another deodorant. I am sick of these and happy when they're all gone.

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