Hey Lovelies!
I just got an email by Essence telling me they would come out with a new trend edition! It's called #secret party and the theme is really beach-y, summer-y and fun!

To start off we have two eyeshadows. I love the second one since turquoise is one of my favorite color :)

Two new lipgloss! The first one seems like a normal transparent one that you can either put on your lips by itself OR use it over a lipstick to make it glossy! I am more interested in the second one :)

Can you hear me screaming about that blush? It's gorgeous! And I can tell you: essence blushes are one of the best I ever had. They look amazing and are mostly really pigmented <3

This kabuki brush is apparently REALLY soft and REALLY big. I haven't seen it in person but you can always use a kabuki!

This is more fun than make up, really: some glass stickers. In case you have a pool party and don't want to lose your glass!

How amazing are these polishes? I certainly would go for the turquoise and pink one since I feel like these are more for summer :)

A body spray is nice to have as long as it's not glittery! I need to see it in real life and smell it as well :)

What would a trend edition / summer edition be without a bronzer? It looks cute but I feel like it would be too dark for me :(

Last but not least a cute little make up pouch. Looks cute but it's transparent and I don't really feel it :/

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