Hey Lovelies!
I got another E-mail from Artdeco today and was able to see their new collection! I am in love. It's mostly fall colors which I absolutely adore :) They also have another update but you will see that one on Thursday :)

cream skin

velvet dark queen

Honestly I love BOTH lipsticks. I actually only have two moods: nude lips or dark lips. I might purchase both! They will be 13,95 € each :)

couture mystical heart | couture dark queen | couture crown pink | couture purple emperor | couture dimgray | couture greige land 

See what I meant with fall colors? It's mostly dark, purple and red. I think all of these colors are gorgeous :) They will be 8,50 € each.

Another cute palette which you can fill up with the shadows you want. I think the design is quite cute but I personally don't need another palette :) 9,95 €

crown pink

That blush looks perfect as well! I wouldn't buy it just because I have fair skin and it would probably look bad on me (I'd rather wear peachy tones) but I might give it a try - depends on how the texture is :) 8,95 €

glam gorgeous aubergine | glam silver metal

This is quite interesting: loose eyeshadow. You remove the plastic from it and carefully put it into the applicator. Sounds a bit horrifying (since I tent to drop basically everything) but it might be worth a try :) NOTE: as far as I can see the applicator is not new. Hopefully they still have it in my store!  7,95 € per shadow.

dark queen | forest flower | mystical heart | dimgray | mountain rose | matt mystical forest 

New shadows, yay! I'm really looking forward to the matt one! Oh and "dark queen". Holy moly what a gorgeous color :) 4,95 € each :)

translucent mountain rose

Another lipgloss color as well :) I personally feel like it's not really matching the theme of the collection since it looks pretty bright! Buuuuut I might have to swatch it to see it better :) 9,95 €

dimgray | woodgrained

You can never have enough eyeliners right? I never had a gray one and I'm wondering if you can use it as a normal liner too, not only on your waterline? 5,95 € each :)

A lipbrush yay! I sometimes find it sooo hard to get my lipstick on evenly and have to go back in to cover / wipe away stuff. Might be the perfect time for a brush, what do you think? 12,95 €

mystical heart | mountain rose

These lipsticks are supposed to give you a nice glossy finish and I'm in love with "mystical heart"! They're 9,95 € each :)

And last but not least: Waterproof liners! On top we have "anthracite" which is a normal black one. The lippie one is called "mystical heart" and will (hopefully) match the lipstick perfectly :) They're both 6,95 €!

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