First off I'm gonna tell you: I am guilty. Guilty of buying all the things saying "BUY 2 GET 1 FOR FREE". Oops. My bad. Well these make up remover wipes by Diadermine were one of those deals.

I was actually running out of wipes so I used these. I am unfortunately not really happy with these.

The smell of it was bad. Not as bad as the St. Ives though but still not good. I know they're supposed to keep your skin hydrated BUT I had to wash my face afterwards to get rid of the smell. Plus my 3 packs that I had (like I said: guilty) were all pretty dry. I actually did put some water in to make it work on my face.

Anther con is: The package literally says that it takes off waterproof make up. Haha no it doesn't. It doesn't even take off my "normal" mascara so it won't work on waterproof either. :(

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