Hey Lovelies!
Are you ready for some news from ArtDeco? They'll have A TON of new shadows and I am really excited, let's go :)

Eyeliner brush 9,95 €

cool | warm

This is a 3-in-1 primer which will always come in handy! It will prevent your eyeshadow from creasing :) 9,95 € each :)

Of course they will have a new eyeshadow box which you can fill with the shadows you want :) 12,95 €

blush brush | blending brush | eyeshadow brush

What a gorgeous set of brushes! If you've been thinking about getting a new set, this might be it for you :) The blush brush will retail for 12,95 €, the blending brush for 10,95 € and the eyeshadow brush for 9,95 €

matt black | matt grey | matt chocolate | matt truffle | matt stonerose | matt mauve | matt natural | matt shell | matt ivory | matt skin | matt nude | matt sierra

satin brown sugar | satin gold | satin rose quartz | satin lace | satin green grey | satin smoke | satin dark taupe | satin light taupe | satin baby | satin pearl | satin asphalt | satin graphite

OMG! Can you hear me scream? These colors are gorgeous and I am in love with them. As far as I know you can you them both wet and dry :) 6,95 € each :)

Sponge applicator 1,95 €

satin nude | satin blush | satin rose

Look at these gorgeous blushes! I love the gradient in it and feel like it's a perfect combination :) 22,95 € each :)

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