I finally used up my Syoss hair mask. It's the "restore" one and it literally took me 2 months to finish! You need just a small amount and it really does work on my hair. Next to it is a sample for the "Black Opium" perfume by Saint Laurent. Smells amazing and I might get the full size of it :) And something you probably rarely see on empties posts: rubbing alcohol. I used it on my zits, to disinfect products, to fix my broken shadows etc. It's a stable :)

One of my favorite shower gel brands is treacle moon. I used the Iced Strawberry Dream last year on vacation - but only the travel size. This one was 500 ml and took forever to finish. It smells really good and I'm a big fan of it :) Next to it is a normal razor, you know the deal ;) On the right we have my Sôi heat protectant. I never used one before BUT I'd never go without one. My hair is so amazing, soft and not damaged (haven't cut it since February) :)

Here are basically my favorite things in one pic: My micellar water by Garnier. I used it for cleaning my face (obviously) and it does a nice job. It takes away my make up - not my mascara, too bad - but it's really gentle too :) Next to it is my labello lip butter - the original one. I prefer the vanilla & macadamia one since it smells better but it is amazing. I apply in before bed and it makes my lips sooo soft :) Last but not least my toothpaste. It's the blend-a-med 3D WHITE LUXE one. It's amazing and my teeth are actually a bit whiter. 

Talk about random: baby wipes & a razor. Yup. And I'm almost done with my spray deodorants, hallelujah :) This is the Nivea "dry comfort" one. It did a good job and kept my armpits dry :)

Last but not least some staples as well: cotton pads and my Nivea strips! Love both of them and will of course always repurchase them :) Next to it is a Catrice eyeliner with a felt tip. Really did enjoy that one since it's sooo easy to use :)

Ha I still have some more empties :) My Batiste dry shampoo (the Original one) which I absolutely adore. Next to it is a perfume sample "Alien Extraordinaire" by Thierry Mugler. Love it and still have the full size one :) I also used a soap up which had extracts of roses and lychee. Smelled amazing and it was DIY :) Some plain normal Nivea strips and shaving foam :)

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