This is a product which brought my love-hate relationship out to the fullest. At first I used it as a "normal" conditioner and yes it worked great but after a few hours my hair looked and felt really greasy. It was kind of weird to walk around with soft lengths but an oily scalp.

Then I was on instagram (you should follow me by the way ;) ) one day and saw this tip on @expatbeauty's IG. She actually did and still does the "reverse shampoo" method which is exactly what it says: you use the conditioner first and then the shampoo.

I actually did it like this: I went into the show and wet my hair. After I applied my conditioner and combed it through. I let it sit and soak in while washing my body and washed it out afterwards. Then I just kept on going with my normal routine.

I never thought that would work but oh my it actually did! My hair was soft, good looking at it wasn't greasy at all.

So I can highly recommend this conditioner if you don't have an oily scalp OR do the reverse method! :)

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