I've fallen in love with Kiko products 5 years ago when I visited Rome for the first time ever. I love their polishes, make up in general and also how their store is set up (everything is so colorful and beautiful)

I am always on the hunt for a good eye make up remover so I figured I could give this a go. 

To be honest this remover was horrible. It didn't even take off my make up properly. And I am not even using waterproof make up - just plain "normal" one.

I actually had to rub quite hardly to remove it. Plus as soon as I got it in my eye it was burning badly. even the morning after my eyes were still a bit red / irritated. Now I don't know if I had an allergic reaction to it or if you just simply aren't supposed to get it in your eyes.

I will still keep it though to maybe clean my face (it does say "face" on the bottle so it might be nice to use it that way) 

(This product is cruelty free)

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