(I already did a review on one of these. This one is the cucumber one so I feel like it's still a bit different!)

I am not really happy with this mask. First of it's supposed to be made with cucumber juice so I immediately thought about the smell. Nothing. Nada. It smelled really chemical and was nothing to calm me down.

Up next: When I think about a face mask / peel off mask I think about putting it on and relax for 20-30 minutes and let it do all the work. This face mask was dry in not even 10 minutes. Normally that's a good sign but the back even says "takes 15-20 minutes". Really deceiving.

And last but not least. To me peel off mask have one thing in common: Clean up your pores. This mask did nothing. My pores looked exactly the sam (e.g. huge) and my skin felt really dry.

I can definitely not recommend this one :(

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