I heard so many things about this mask! Almost every youtuber was using them on there long flights so I went ahead an bought a few to test!

The price is actually quite high - 3,95 €. Now I never had a fiber mask before so I don't know if the prices are usually that high.

I have to tell you: I opened it up and a lot of cream (or whatever is on there) actually landed on the floor.

Personally I don't think my face is made for this mask. It didn't really fit and was in general too large for me.

Once you apply it on your face it's really cooling. Kind of relaxing almost! I can definitely see me using it while sitting on a couch / relaxing in general.

A day later I actually had a few break outs. Now I am not sure if it's because of that mask or not.

I still have the tea mask to try. Which one do you like? 

(Note: This product is not cruelty free)

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