Hey Lovelies!
This is the first ARTDECO newsletter this year and it's a collaboration between and designer duo "Talbot Runhof" :) You can find everything on www.artdeco.de!

This is a mineral lipliner in "Dark Hibiscus". 8,95 €

skipper's love | violet lady | heavenwards | pearl white

Of course there will be new nail polishes as well! I personally love the blue one :) They will be 8,50 € each.

This is a limited edition quad box where you can put your eyeshadows in an mix-match them as much as you want :) 9,95 €

This blush is absolutely stunning! It will be 19,95 €

This is an eye designer applicator which makes it easier to apply pressed powder shadows. 9,95 €

stony shore | 12 A (this has no name?) | heavenwards

These are the shadows that fit into the stick! 2 very similar ones and again a beautiful blue one! Each of them will be 7,95 €

stony | lemon flicker | navy blue | golden almond | pink bloom | skipper's love

I love the red shadow! I never had one before so it might be worth a try. I hope they are as pigmented as they look. 4,95 € each.

translucent | skipper's love

Both of these look amazing! I feel like the peach one is perfect for spring :) 9,95 €

This is another lip liner but this one is invisible. So basically an all-around talent that you can use with any colored lipstick you want :) 8,95 €

This eyeliner is in the color "navy blue". Something new for those who get tired of black :) 8,95 €

dark hibiscus | violet lady | skipper's love | 165 | rosewood | classical nude

I know it's hard to believe but these lipsticks are supposed to be MATTE! Now I am not sure why they look so shiny in the pictures (probably to sell them better) but if they're really matte they might be worth a try! 11,99 € each.

Last but not least a nice mascara! It's supposed to give you volume and will be available for 13,95 €

Let me know what you like most! :)

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