This is a product I only have good things to tell you about. First off: It smells soooo good! You know I love it when my hair products smell good and this is definitely a hit for me :)

Up next I love the fact that it has a pump. You can get the right amount of product but pushing it as much or as less as you want. I only used it on my ends so 1 pump was fairly enough. This leads me to the next pro: it takes forever to use up. It legitimately took me 3 months or so to use (whenever I thought it was done I saw there was a ton left, I added some water and used it for another long period of time!)

And now the most important question: did it work on my hair? Yes it did. I had no split ends or what so ever. Of course I can't say if it works as an all-over mask since I only used it on my ends but for that it definitely worked amazingly!

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