This range is for damaged & lifeless hair and is supposed to make it "as good as new".

I used both of these completely up so I think I can give you a full and nice review on them. First I have to tell you that I had to use the conditioner first and then the shampoo.

The conditioner itself just made my hair and scalp so oily that I almost threw it out completely. But I feel that if you do the reverse shampoo method it actually works quite well.

I did not really notice a difference to my hair. Maybe I need to tell you that my hair was in an ok position to start with (not completely dry of fried) but still needed some good care.

These products made it easy to comb through and made my hair soft (at first) but then again after blow drying them - with a heat protectant - it looked "normal" again.

(Note: these products are not cruelty free)

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