You guys probably know that I love my dry shampoo :) Plus I love the fact that Aussie smells great.

This one is specifically for colored / dyed hair which came in handy since I just dyed my hair red :D Okay let's hop to the review:

It really does help to make you hair "clean". Of course I wouldn't go a week without washing my hair but it's a nice help for when you don't have time to wash it! It gives you a bit of texture and like I said it smells amazing.

The only down part is that after finishing half the bottle it's not really working anymore. There was not a lot product coming out anymore and the texture was gone as well.

I'd prefer a simple baby powder over this since it didn't really wow me!

Have you tried this one yet? Did you like it? :)

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  1. I wanted to try Aussie's dry shampoo, so I bought one and I didn't see that it was written 'push up' effect..and oh my goodness, it doesn't work as a dry shampoo, but more like a super strong hairspray and it really has a super push up effect..which I don't like at all as it makes hair even greasier. I need to find a way how to use it..

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