Some dental floss that I had around for the longest time! I tend to use those floss sticks since they're easier to use :D Next to it is a razor that I hate, as you know ;) And some Alverde mouthwash. Love this stuff and already have some back ups.

Some normal cotton pads and a Primer Potion by Urban Decay! I liked it but the smell wasn't really that good. Next to it is a shower gel from my local supermarket. It was fine and smelled like blueberries :)

Another razor ... ugh. And my "Volume Million Lashes" by L'Oreal. This mascara actually lasted me for quite a long time AND made great lashes :) I'll give you a review on it soon. On the far right is one of my fave nose pore strips by Balea :)

Some Nivea shampoo & conditioner samples that I got in a magazine. They were okay but seriously ... it's not enough to give a real opinion / review. Also the Chanel cream is another sample and I quite liked it. The smell was nice and it made my face so soft :)

I used this treatment by Schaebens to make my skin, hair and nails look and grow better. I liked it and could definitely see a difference. Next to it is another Primer Potion by Urban Decay. Same with the last one... it was nice but the smell was a turnoff. Also these samples are quick at drying out... And again another shaving foam. Loving it!

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