Hey Lovelies!
i've just received another e-mail by Artdeco showing me their newest collection called "Hello Sunshine"! It's basically a bronzing collection and here are the products:

terracotta | almond | natural | toffee 

Now that spring is around the corner we can finally use some nice bronzers again! I personally tend to not use bronzers during winter because I'll look pale white anyway.  You can use these both as a bronzer and blush! 19,99 € each!

shiny bronze | shiny apricot | shiny bright red

All of these lipsticks are having a shiny finish to it. Love the last one especially. 12,95 € each.

Golden Bronze Oil Drops

It's meant to give you a nice glow while soothing your skin. It's supposed to make it smooth and look good as well. 17,99 €

antique bronze | soft golden rush | deep ocean | carribbean sea 

If you've been following this blog for a while you know that Artdeco tends to come out with eyeshadow sticks! These look stunning as usual :) 11,95 € each.

rich dessert sand | rich papaya | rich coralle rose 

These will give you an intense color while still last on your lips for a while! They're supposed to give you a full coverage after only one swipe. 10,95 € each.

This "long lashes" mascara is supposed to lengthen and define your lashes. Without any clumping! Just note that this is NOT waterproof :) 13,99 €

soft caramel | sand | sun tan

The "Spray on leg" foundation is basically a bronzer that's covering some blemishes you might have on your legs. Followed with a nice and beautiful glow! 19,50 €

Look at this gorgeous blush! You basically have a 3-in-1. Bronzer, blush and highlighter which I am sure look absolutely stunning mixed AND separate :) 19,99 €

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