I love using face masks. Peel-off ones, sheets, cream masks - everything. Now I still had this one by Sephora left and figured I could try it :)

The first thing I've noticed is that it's really wet. Like I was sitting in front of my desk and as soon as I opened the package, my whole desk was wet.

Then I realized that my face is simply not made for these sheet masks. It was just too big for my face and didn't stay in place at all.

But the good part is: it cooled down my face. It was very refreshing after a long day at work and gave me some time out! It's nice to lay down and just enjoy the silence.

As for the result of "mattifying and anti-blemish" well... you can't really say that after one use, can you? My blemishes were still there and my skin - especially my nose - was as shiny as ever.

(Note: This products is not cruelty free)

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