Given the fact I am 23 now I figured it would be finally time to take care of my skin. I do have some wrinkles which I classify as laughing lines ;) But it's definitely noticeable under my eyes when I set my concealer.

I personally love night creams more than the "daytime" ones. (During the day I mostly use sunscreen or something similar). 

This cream here actually smells really nice and lasts you quite a while. Trust me the jar looks small but it has a lot of product!

Other than that it actually stays on your skin for quite a while before it's completely absorbed. I personally don't have a problem with it since it's a night cream and I can just sleep through it ;)

For the results: the only thing I noticed was that my face looked & felt really puffy. Maybe that's how it works? Make your face puffy so the wrinkles disappear? 

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