So I don't know if you follow my blog or youtube channel but I freaking love tea! Of course that can stain your teeth so I'm always on the hunt for some teeth whitening tools. Not that I don't trust my local dentist but still ;)

So I found this pen in a set with a toothbrush. I didn't really needed a new one but I thought it was a nice pack. In case you want to take it on vacation or something.

This is what the pen itself looks like! And this is how you're supposed to use it. You twist it up so you hear two clicks, then you apply it on your bottom teeth. Then two clicks again and it's your upper teeth's turn.

Honestly I feel like there wasn't enough product on it to cover all my teeth. Also I have no idea if you were supposed to let it try before closing your mouth or if it'd to the job nevertheless. 

As for whitening it did actually do good. My teeth got a little whiter, not by much but you could see a difference.

Here's my demo and review on Youtube!

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