I used up this volume conditioner by Wella. I've had this in the back op my stash for almost 2 years I think and never used it. It was nice but too greasy on my scalp. Next to it are some baby wipes and cotton pads :)

My beloved Balea eye make up remover. Love this stuff and will always repurchase it. Then I used a green tea pore strip that I got from a friend in the Philippines! It was a charcoal one and worked great :) And one of the best smelling shower gels out there: sweet blueberry memories by Treacle Moon. So good and it reminds me of bubble gum!

Here we have the Alverde mouthwash. Ever since I started using this, I never went back to another one. It cleans and give you a nice fresh breath. Again some cotton pads and something I did not like. It was a "cream to powder" concealer by Alverde and it was horrible. It did not cover anything up - dark circles, pimples etc etc. It's like you applied it and once you blend it in it's gone.

As you can see my razors are still going strong. Still have so many of these left...ugh. Next to it is a face cream by SebaMed. I love this brand since it's medical skincare and actually helps with my breakouts :) On the far right is one of my beloved Balea clear up strips. They're amazing and do the job.

I used up a Givenchy perfume sample. It smelled great, really but the package sucks. You have to squeeze it out and it just goes all over the place. Have I told you how much I love these Balea strips? Yeah ;) Then a shower gel by "Viva Toscana" with olive oil in. It smelled nice and did the job :)

Another razor... and the "sin" primer potion by Urban Decay. This one was my fave from all the 4 I've got. Such a nice shimmer and a beautiful base as well! This Sante shampoo was sooooo good! I will give you a review as soon as possible.

I decided to get right of my "Lash Princess" mascara by essence. It's a great mascara but it's getting old and flaking on me :( Then I have some nasal salt because my hay fever is already kicking in. Then on top is a labello in soft rose. It was nice because it gave you a bit of a rose-y sheen on your lips. Last but not least some cotton pads :)

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