The shampoo has a really nice smell almost like if you sit in your local hair saloon. Another thing I noticed it that it actually makes a lot of foam - for those of you who really enjoy it - and it is really easy to rinse out (you know sometimes it takes forever to get shampoo out of your hair). Plus I used the shampoo once without the conditioner and I could already see how it worked on my hair. It was way softer and smoother than before.

The conditioner is really amazing as well. It smells exactly the same like the shampoo. But I have to say, I couldn't use it all up to my roots because it made them greasy (I have a pretty oily scalp so it didn't really work for me). But if you only use it in your length and ends it is an amazing conditioner and it really makes your hair soft.

(Note: these products are cruelty free)

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