I've always loved Essence mascaras. In fact my very first one was by Essence and I kept re-buying it like 4 or 5 times. It's been a while though since I had one of them so I figured I should give it a go to see if I still like their products!

As you can see the wand is a "cobra" one. It's basically flat on one side and the other one is curved. It's supposed to give you length and volume at the same time.

My firs initial thought was: how am I suppose to use it. Like the flat side up? Wiggling it? Just straight applying it? I made it work by using the curved side on my upper lashes and the flat side on my lower ones.

Also I've found that the mascara was pretty wet / moist which I find harder to work with (you just have to blink once and everything is on your eyelid). 

It actually stayed on for quite a while and gave me nice lashes. The curve itself didn't last long but no mascara ever does that - at least in my case.

(Note: this product is cruelty free)

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