Balea shower lotion in "perfect happiness". It was nice and the smell was divine! Next to it is an Alverde conditioner which I've already written a review about! I will definitely purchase it again. And then some plain normal shaving gel :)

This is a perfume sample by Guerlain. It's called "Shalimar" and it was nice, but wouldn't purchase the full size :) In the middle is a soap that I bought YEARS ago. It smelled like oranges and was self made! Loved it. And again, a razor that I hate. 

This P2 nail polish is "222 artful". I don't know if they still have it but I liked it so much that I used it up. I know there's still a bit left but it's hard to work with it :( Then from left to right some essentials: cotton pads, Balea nose strips and a razor.

I finally used up my Balea facial scrub. I'm a bit sad that it's gone cause it was sooo good! The smell was amazing and it did really clean my face :) Then some hair, skin and nails supplements by Doppelherz. Did not like them that much but I will give you a review soon! Last but not least my Balea micellar cleansing water. Absolutely love it.

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