(If you haven't read my review for the Schaebens one, you can find it here)

Since my nails are still a bit weak and chip / break off easily I figured I could give some more supplements a go. I had a break from them for over a month but I have no idea how often you're allowed to take them.

Anyway, these here weren't as big as the other ones. And quite frankly didn't work as well. While the ones from Schaebens made my nails grow faster (had to cut them every week) these here did nothing. My nails were still as short as I started with and were breaking off even more than usual.

As for my hair, well I can't really tell you to be honest. I try to keep my hair as healthy as possible but it might have worked a bit.

My skin was flawless though! No zits or pimples the whole time I used it and my face felt smoother :)

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