Hey Lovelies!
I got an e-mail from essence showing me their new collection and I thought I could share everything with you :) 

Two liquid eyeshadows :) Love the blue one :)

"Lash, eyebrow & hair" mascara. Kinda interested to see how this works. :) Also, turquoise might be a nice pop of color :)

Two lipstick pens :) To me they always come in handy :)

"Cream to powder instant glow" I love their cream to powder highlighters and this might not be much different! :)

"Cream to powder blush". Such a great color and I can't wait to use it :)

Essence finally comes out with some cute make up sponges! Ever since I got mine, I haven't used anything else :)

You can never have enough good nail polishes, right? :)

Some super cute ice cream nail stickers <3

This is a cooling body spray! It might come in handy during the hot days! :)

Last but not least a cute little hair styling set! :)

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