I bought these products thinking that organics - or how they're now called organix - were cruelty free. Turn out they're not anymore and that's a shame. But given the fact I already bought them I used them up anyways.

I only liked the conditioner. It smelled like coconut and made my hair absolutely soft. The smell didn't last long though but it was like your shower was soaked in coconut water! As for the shampoo...I used it as a shaving foam does that tell you everything?

The beautiful coconut smell wasn't there - it smelled a lot like chemicals. Also, it made my scalp itch quite a lot and I had to stop using it (even though I only was my hair every other day!)

So if these products were still CF I would only repurchase the conditioner and they could keep their year long supplies of shampoo!

(Note: these products are NOT cruelty free)

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