Some shaving gel because you can never have enough of it haha. Then some 100 bio cotton pads! Loved these and I am so happy I still have a back up. Now they are a bit pricey but they are worth. And then something I rarely include: a candle. This was the biggest poop. I tried burning it so many times and it went out quite a lot of time. Then I realized that the wax isn't melting the way it should (it was all stuck on the side while the wick was burning down in the middle). Nope, not my favorite thing.

I got rid of that palette. It was too dark, streaky and old for me. The colors look nice but just not on my face :( And also the "Blake's Pure Red" lipstick by L'Oreal. Too dry and too hard to apply :(

I got this sample in a magazine! It was nice but it did hurt around my eyes :(

Shower gel by Sunlight with blueberries. Loved and the smell was amazing <3 Then my regular mouthwash by Alverde. I will never buy anything else! And last not but least my very last Nivea pore strip

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