I used up a Dettol (Sagrotan) shower gel. This is supposed to prevent bad smells and stay on your body for a long time (the smell of course) and yes it does! I am highly impressed by it but I will give you an in-depth review soon :) Next to it is (finally) my p2 nail polish in "love story". You can probably see that there's still a bit left but it's impossible to get out. It's a gorgeous nude color and I really enjoyed it - might purchase it again. And of course some plain and simple head & shoulders! Love it and will always repurchase :)

My pink passion deodorant by Fa is gone as well! It smelled sooo good but it does sting when you're freshly shaved :( Speaking of shaving: two razors by Gilette. Love them, will always repurchase. And another deodorant. The Dove Original. It smelled okay but did not kept my armpits dry.

I used a face mask by Montagne Jeunesse (where you'll get a review soon) and did not really like it. It basically did nothing for my skin. Next to it are some plain normal cotton pads. Always repurchasing! And another sunlight shower gel. It smells sooooo yummy. Thank God I still have a few back ups :)

This Colgate Max White One mouthwash was amazing! It did actually make my teeth a bit whiter. Might repurchase it in the future but it's so expensive. And my last Lux soap that I got last year on vacation. It smelled really nice and moisturized my hands :)

Another showergel (hell, I really am eating them?!). This one is by "Le Petit Marseillais" and is with peach and nectarines! It's okay but honestly that smells sometimes gives me a headache. :( Next to it is one of my favorite eye make up removers by L'Oreal. It works perfectly and this is already my third or forth bottle! Last but not least a normal shaving foam :)

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