[Review] MEET MATT(e) by THE BALM

As you may know I got this palette quite a while ago. It wasn't planned but as soon as I saw "The Balm" my brain stopped working. I put it in my basket and payed. Oh and how I payed: 38 bucks. Well for that price I expected something amazing. And here is my review:

These are the colors. As the name says they're all matt (which I adore since you can do so much with them). Anyway I feel like there are quite a few similar colors in. I especially wished there was some "extra" about it.

Here are some swatches on "normal skin" (without a primer on). "Matt Garcia" and "Matt Rosen" look the same as well as "Matt Abdul" and "Matt Hung". This is where I wanted something more. Something different.

Can you tell that the colors aren't really opaque? Yes? Well I had to go over 2-3 times to get that color and it STILL doesn't look that good. Well I admit it might be the neglected primer but still. Once I applied them on my eyes it was even worse. I went over it 4-5 times until I achieved the color I wanted.

I guess they're nice transition colors but I wouldn't to a complete eye look with that palette :( Unfortunately :(

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