Hey Lovelies!
I "won" another award for which I am really thankful! I got nominated by Ella (I hope that's your name, if not SORRY)

What it basically is: ten questions so your subscribers / readers / followers can get to know you better. Once you get tagged you need to answer them and ask 10 new ones to other people :) Oh and of course link the blog that tagged you :)

1) Where did your inspiration for blogging come from?
I honestly don't know. I always wanted to give my opinion on certain products or see if other had the same experience as me. That's how it basically started :)

2) Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Hopefully happy. And maybe still blogging who knows. Maybe I'll be good enough to make it a full time job (which I don't believe)

3) What's your favourite posts to write on your blog?
Aaaaah of course reviews. I love testing new products and helping people chose. Sometimes when you're not sure if you should by a product or not it's good to read some reviews :)

4) Fave beauty product of the season?
My L'oreal lipstick :)

5) A place you would really love to visit and why?
Too many. I love traveling and would love to visit every country :)

6) Your role model?
My parents. Other than that...hm... no one.

7) What are your interests other than blogging?
A lot! Football (soccer), Handball, traveling, Darts, music, books, ...

8) Ideal dream job?
Blogger or Journalist :)

9) A blogger who gives you inspiration? 
Chiara Ferragni

10) How did you decide on the name for you blog? 
Hahaha don't remember. It has been my youtube name for AGES and I figured why not taking it as a blog name :)

The only person I could come up with (to tag) is Mollie

Some questions for you - if you want to join ;)

1) When did you start blogging?
2) What do your parents / friends think about blogging?
3) What are you doing if you don't feel inspired?
4) Any tips on how to start blogging?
5) Are you concrete planning your posts or are you doing them as you find time / when you want to?
6) Favorite shopping place? (Store)
7) You favorite vacation place?
8) What is in your travel bag?
9) What is your favorite food?
10) If you could become a professional blogger but had to live with all the negative that comes with it (hate, bad publicity etc) would you still do it? 

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